Wind Chimes & Hanging
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Wind Chimes & Hanging

Windchimes & Mobiles
Whether you believe that windchimes bring good luck, predict the weather, herald the passing of a restless spirit or simply look and sound good in your home and garden, they are clearly a popular decorative choice. Inside or out, carefully placed windchimes and mobiles both look and sound beautiful and with a wide range of styles and materials readily available there is something to suit every style.

Metal Windchimes & Mobiles
Metal windchimes produce a crystal-clear sound, like the ringing of many bells and metal mobiles are increasingly popular ornaments in people's gardens, catching the sun and providing a focal point for conversations. Some items, like the Silver Guardian Angel Metal Wind Spinner, produce no sound but are designed for a specific purpose, such as remembering loved ones. Whether you choose a traditional wind chime or a Thai Buddha Bell, you can fill your garden - and your house - with melodious sound and reflected light.

Wooden and Bamboo Windchimes & Mobiles
Hanging wood or bamboo windchimes have a richer, deeper sound than the metal equivalent and are not as loud. Often traditionally handmade with a coconut shell top these windchimes and mobiles are relaxing and peaceful and may be a good choice if you don't want to upset the neighbours.

Crystal and Glass Windchimes and Mobiles
If you are going for a crystal or glass decoration then you are heading more into mobile territory than windchimes; after all you don't want columns of glass banging together in high winds! Crystal and glass mobiles are often designed to refract light and hung in a window they can decorate a room with rainbows on a sunny day. From stained glass animals such as cats and kingfishers to pretty-coloured glass beads and hanging crystal prisms there is something to capture every imagination and add something a little different to house or garden decoration.
In terms of style the variety is endless; rustic, retro, hippie, abstract, contemporary and modern can all be easily found and matched to the style of your home.

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