Scrapbooking & Stamping

Scrapbooking & Stamping
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Get creative with scrapbooking and paper craft supplies available on Ande! 
Scrapbooking can be a great pastime, helping you to release your inner creative, while making something special that you can keep for a long time. The art of scrapbooking involves cutting, sticking, drawing, gluing and writing, complete with photographs, to create beautiful pages of memories.  

With plenty of paper craft and art supplies available on Ande, you can begin scrapbooking in no time. Find colourful sheets of tissue paper, regular paper, and thick card to suit your needs and create a good backdrop for your design. There are many different colours to choose from, as well as glittery, metallic and patterned styles.  

Decorate to your heart’s content with stickers, die cut embellishments, patterns, craft metal cutting stencils, beautiful ribbons, buttons, pins and paper fasteners, rhinestone gems, plus a whole lot more to suit your design needs. Using these scrapbooking products, you can create a design that is truly unique and special.  

If you’re new to scrapbooking, you can purchase scrapbooking instruction books and media to help get you started. These guides will provide you with the inspiration you need, and a few tips and tricks of the trade. Or, if you prefer to have a perfectly pre-designed page, you can find scrapbooking pre-made pages and pieces, which are decorated and ready for you to place your photographs on. These are also great if you are time poor, or if you want to give the scrapbook as a gift that is neat, tidy and perfect.  
Purchase scrapbooking and paper craft supplies on Ande today. 
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