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When you want to get organized, choose decorative storage baskets and boxes. You won’t have to pick between form and function to create additional space in your home.

Storage Options

Find a basket or decorative box that fits your space and looks good on your shelf or floor. You can easily tuck away a small box or basket on a shelf, in the corner or in a cabinet. They’re perfect for holding odds and ends, especially in a home office or child’s bedroom.

Try multi-sized decorative nesting boxes to give a cohesive look to your storage solutions. Store bulky items like shoes in the larger ones, and compact items like mittens and hats in the smaller ones.

Choose a Style That’s Practical

Whether your style is contemporary or cottage, there are baskets and boxes that fit your needs. Pick one that enhances your decor while helping you stay organized.

• Decorative wire baskets offer a rustic look. Just keep in mind they leave your personal items visible. Use them for white hand towels in the bathroom or throw blankets in the living room.

• If you’ll be moving your basket from room to room, consider its weight. Wooden baskets and boxes are a classic design but may be heavier to carry. A woven storage basket or one made of wire or fabric is a lightweight solution.

• Large wicker baskets are perfect for stuffed animals in a playroom. They’re kid-friendly and will hold up to wear and tear.

• Organize your pantry or utility cabinet with small plastic baskets. They’ll stand up to spills, and you can label them for ultimate convenience.

• To hide clutter, pick a storage basket with a lid. The topper will also provide a surface for stacking other baskets or items.

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