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Traditionally, handkerchiefs were used for personal hygiene use such as blowing the nose or wiping the face, and although they are still used for this reason, they are also a popular accessory for formal wear and suit jackets. Traditional handkerchiefs are also called pocket squares and are often made of cotton, silk, synthetic materials, and linen. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs and make the perfect gift or keepsake.

Traditional cotton handkerchiefs
Handkerchiefs made from cotton offer a soft and gentle accessory for use against the skin. Cotton hankies are also available in a myriad of colours and prints from traditional white, black, and blue, to patterns such as check and paisley. For weddings, handkerchiefs are often used in suit jacket pockets to complement the colours of the bridal party or to match the mens' ties. Cotton and silk pocket squares and handkerchiefs are also used for formal occasions to add a unique touch to smart jackets.

Styles to suit everyone
Men's handkerchiefs or pocket squares offer a sophisticated touch to evening jackets and wedding suits and come in many colours and styles. For a luxurious touch to a smart suit, try a silk handkerchief. If you're looking for an assortment of hankies, there are several packs of cotton and silk options to choose from. These multipacks are ideal for people looking to match groomsmen colours to the wedding theme, and some options provide packs of over 10 handkerchiefs for everyday needs.

Gifts for men
Handkerchiefs make an ideal gift for men of all ages. They are especially popular for businessmen who look to add a unique touch to their suit, as this classic style pairs beautifully with crisp workwear. They are also ideal for giving a personalised present as you can match colours and patterns to memorable times such as favourite sports club, vintage designs from a bygone era, and quite simply their favourite colours. You could even give the gift of a monogrammed handkerchief for a truly thoughtful gift.

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