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Don't just shower; step into a spa experience every time with a new shower from Ande. Whether you're doing a complete remodel, replacing framed shower doors, upgrading a shower caddie in a trending finish, or adding a handheld showerhead or shower enclosures – we have vast styles designed to meet your needs and budget. The options are endless to make it your own.

How to Choose the Right Shower 
Your home's current shower setup will be a major factor when deciding on a shower. For instance, if your shower opening is in the corner, a corner-shower replacement is required, unless you plan on doing a complete remodel. When replacing your shower with a tub to shower conversion, the drain location of your new shower should match the existing plumbing. You have more flexibility if you're installing a shower in a new construction home. Suppose you are planning for a steam shower with a rain shower system. In that case, you will need to include a water line to the generator, a steam line from the generator to the steam room, and a drain line. Of course, all plumbing and electrical wiring should be performed by a qualified licensed plumber and electrician in accordance with your local codes.

Measure Your Shower Opening Correctly
Double-check your dimensions before ordering a replacement. Measure the height from the top of the shower to the bottom. Then, measure the depth and the width of the opening in a couple of places. Check out our showers buying guide for easy step-by-step instructions.

Choosing Shower Kits
Many homeowners prefer a shower kit simply because it comes with the shower pan or base and the walls and doors. If you plan to do it yourself, many shower kits make it easy with snap-together installation. Some include shower corner shelves for extra storage. Kits are available in several styles and are designed to fit your existing space. Choose from rectangle-shaped, round, neo-angled, or square. Depending on your choice, the kit could be one large piece or several pieces that may require a shower pan liner. If you choose the one-piece option, make sure you can get it through the front door or up the stairs.

Shower Door Options
There are several things to consider when it comes to shower doors. Glass will be your biggest decision. What kind you get depends on your style and how much privacy you require. You can choose frosted glass, clear glass, or something with a pattern. Shower doors can be framed and semi-framed; there are also frameless shower doors. As the name suggests, framed shower doors are typically supported by decorative metal available in different finishes. Shower doors can swing in or out and open on the left or right. You can also choose sliding doors or fixed shower doors.

Make It Your Own with Shower Accessories
Once you've chosen the shower style and door, it's time to accessorize. Let's start with the focal point of the shower – the head. The right massaging pulse or oxygenated shower head can elevate your shower experience. Then, consider adding more function with shower accessories like soap dishes and towel racks. Also, you may want to think about safety in your shower. Adding safety grab bars and shower benches are simple and smart ways to make your shower safer for children or elderly family members.

Get Your Shower Project Started Today
Now is an excellent time to get started on that new shower project. From replacing the doors, upgrading to a new filtered shower head, or adding shower shelves, we have what you need to transform your bathroom into a functional yet relaxing space. Not into DIY? No problem, have our trusted, local service providers do the shower door installation for you. We have a variety of affordable shower options to fit any space and any budget. Buy online, and we'll ship it to your local Ande store.

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