Wind Chimes & Hanging Decorations
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Wind Chimes & Hanging Decorations

The use of outdoor decor, like plant stands and garden statues, is wondrous to behold, but garden wind chimes are beautiful to both the eyes and the ears. Whether you seek to use wind chimes to help unite harmony and balance in the garden, or you want to use these outdoor decor items to bring more relaxation to an outdoor garden sitting area, there are some beautiful options to consider.

Metal Wind Chimes
Bright sounds and soothing lights can help lift the spirit and create a feeling of positivity that brightens a person from the inside out. A great number of people enjoy adding metal garden wind chimes to sitting areas because the metal chimes give off bright sounds and a sparkling light that can feel uplifting. Some of the metal wind chime choices that create bright sounds include chimes made with brass, aluminium, bronze, silver, copper, and steel.

Wooden Wind Chimes
Want to add some feng shui to your garden? Consider choosing wooden wind chimes to achieve a more natural effect. Some popular choices in wooden wind chimes are the bamboo garden wind chimes. Hollow bamboo garden wind chimes make a soft clanking noise that can be very soothing to the senses. Bamboo garden chimes with decorative paintings also add a nice touch to garden areas.

Ceramic Wind Chimes
Pottery wind chimes have a deep calming tone and add a nice earthy look to a garden area. Glass ceramic wind chimes sound lighter and give off a pleasant sparkling or prismatic effect that livens the surroundings. Adding a combination of glass and pottery ceramic wind chimes to a garden can be a pleasant combination that gives you the best of both worlds.

Garden Wind Chime Placement
To get the most out of garden wind chimes, it is a good idea to consider which aspects of the wind chimes you find the most appealing. To get the most value out of the wind chime sound, try to place the wind chimes in a spot that has minimal or no obstruction of the airflow. Using garden stakes for wind chimes may help elevate the chimes so they receive more light and greater airflow.
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