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Caring for your pets is easier than ever with the wide selection of pet and wildlife supplies at our store. Whether you're in search of a dog door, bird bath or other items to keep your pet safe and happy, we have you (and Spot) covered. Our supply of dog kennels gives your pooch a secure area to roam in the yard, while our bird baths give your feathered friends a pleasant place to splash. And with dog food, cat food, and bird seed, we give you plenty of options for keeping your creatures well-fed.

The shelter is no problem, either, as our dog houses, bird houses, and other structures will keep creatures safe from the elements. Plus, you can get all kinds of ideas for items that will decorate your home and yard while serving a purpose for animals. Browse our selection of pet doors, pet gates, hummingbird feeders, dog houses, and dog pens. Our beautiful bird baths and bird feeders add a touch of style to your yard and garden and attract beautiful birds to your outdoor space, making it a pleasant refuge. Pet-safe products to help you take care of your yard and garden are also available.
When your canine friends are playing in their dog pens, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe. And when your feline friends want to get outside and get a little exercise, they can use a cat door for their convenience (and yours). Or maybe it's bird netting you're in the market for. No problem, We offer a fine selection of bird netting at great prices. It's always good to find all of your pet needs at one convenient place that offers low prices, whether your pet is a bird, dog, cat, fish or horse. You can take great care of your feathered and four-legged friends with supplies from Ande.
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