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Pests in your home and garden can be annoying, unsanitary and potentially harmful. A combination of insect killer and pest control methods may be necessary to effectively get the job done and stop insects, rodents and animals from becoming a serious nuisance. 
General pest problems are relatively easy to manage once you identify what the type of pest you’re dealing with. We offer a wide variety of pest products and home insect repellents that can help prevent, eliminate and control your problem. 

If you’re trying to decide on how best to treat your pest problem, get started with these tips and advice: 

Know the Pest, Control with the Best 
This is the first and most important step in home pest control. Once you identify the insect or rodent problem you’re dealing with, determine a strategy and choose from product types like sprays, trap, bait station, etc., to get rid of it. Once you’ve eliminated pests inside and out, here are some recommendations to keep them from coming back:  
Don’t leave food in pet bowls out for long periods of time; 
Caulk cracks and crevices with weather stripping on doors and windows;
Properly install screens on all floor drains;
Remove piles of wood from around your home and trim any shrubs or branches touching the house; 
Monitor trash, debris and anything else around your home and outdoors that allows standing water to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. 

3 Easy Steps to Pest Control 
The best pest prevention is denying them entry in the first place. You probably won’t be able to completely eliminate pests from your home, lawn, or garden – but there are three simple steps you can take to minimize the problem: 
Kill – Bug killer spray and aerosols are a quick, handy remedy to combat for a wide range of flying insects or crawling indoor insects. 
Control – Strategically place animal traps or insect bait stations in under sinks, in cabinets and behind furniture to both identify pests and eliminate them before they become a recurring problem. 
Prevent – Using a battery sprayer or pump sprayer, carefully apply chemicals that to prevent bugs from multiplying in your garden or entering through home windows and doors.
Indoors or outdoors, we have plenty of detailed project guides to help you getting started on an effective, do-it-yourself pest control plan. Be sure to always read and follow product instructions carefully for the best results. 

We Can Help You Get Control of Pests
From everyday problem pests like spiders, stink bugs, silverfish and roaches to birds, squirrels, rodents, and other types of vermin – we offer a full range of top-rated, effective, home pest control solutions, product subscription models, plus certified, licensed pros to give you rest from pests. 
We have all the pest control products and pest management solutions you need to keep those pesky insects, rodents and animals in check.

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