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Is there anything more satisfying that licking a drippy, melting ice cream cone on a hot day? Ice cream is a well-loved dessert for kids and adults alike. Enjoy a fresh batch of the cold stuff at home or in your restaurant with ice cream makers from eBay.

How do ice cream makers work?
When we think of ice cream makers, were typically thinking of contemporary automatic machines rather than the hand-cranked machines of the past. Todays ice cream machines do the hard work for you by consistently mixing and cooling the ingredients of your ice cream recipe. The ice cream maker rotates until your ingredients, like milk, cream, and sugar, are both well mixed and frozen.

How do I know which ice cream maker is right for me?
Ice cream makers vary depending on brand, type, and size. Choosing the right ice cream maker for your home or commercial kitchen will depend on your budget and environment. Ice cream makers suited to commercial use tend to be larger and more powerful, able to churn out ice cream for the masses. If youll be using your ice cream maker at home only, you might consider a smaller and more affordable model. A home ice cream maker will allow you to make the tasty treat for family and friends, and wont break the bank, either. Youll also want to consider your environment. While commercial kitchens might have plenty of space for small kitchen appliances, home users should ensure that they have the space to store their chosen ice cream maker among their tea kettles and bread makers.

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