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When was the last time you updated your Crockery?
Are your cups and saucers looking a little outdated? Would you be a little embarrassed of the chips and coffee stains in the bottom of your cup should someone pop over for a cup of tea? Maybe you have done a 'smashing' job of breaking several of your cups or saucers and as such no longer have a complete matching set? Don't worry, Ande has got you covered, the extensive range of cups and saucers means that you can get your hands on unique sets without paying the earth.

What type of Crockery is available?
For everything from Bone China, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone and Stoneware, the set's are unique and timeless. With a vast selection of Tea Cup and Saucer sets, Espresso Cup and Saucer Sets and Tea Cups, meaning that no matter what your guest drinks, you can present their drink of choice with a beautiful cup and saucer. Available in sets or as individual items, these pieces are beautiful, elegant and will be a great addition to your Dinnerware Collection.

What type of Cups and Saucers are suitsable as a present?
You can find an array of cups and saucers no matter the age, the style, or the event of the person whom you want to get a present for. Whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, you can find everything from wedding mugs embossed with 'Mr and Mrs', to silicone travel mugs for the travel enthusiast or a Hippy style tea set for the free spirit. Another brilliant present idea, even as a present for yourself, are the Pottery and Porcelain Teapots and Teasets with an array of Cast Iron Tea Pots and Glass Tea Press Teapots, where you can find unique pieces to brew your coffee or tea in before you serve in your new cups and saucers.

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