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Industrial fasteners are available in a wide variety of configurations including screws, bolts, nuts, washers, and magnetic discs. They are essential pieces in most woodworking, metal, or building and construction jobs. If you need fasteners for your next job, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most common types, their primary applications, and how to use them efficiently.

What types of industrial fasteners are available?
Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases, the only obvious trait they share with one another is their ability to fasten two things together and hold them in place. Because this product range is so vast, learning about some of the most common and versatile types can help you narrow down your search and ensure that you purchase only the parts you really need.
Magnetic discs are some of the simplest forms of mating materials. They adhere to magnetic surfaces and keep them flush against a supporting structure or another magnet. These types of clasps vary in strength, but industrial strength magnets are available for heavier pieces.
Nylon or plastic cable ties are a way to bring some order to your electrical conduits, network cables, and other flexible pipes and lines. If you deal with a load of electronic devices from computer networks to a variety of power tools, most of them will use some kind of cable. Large and small cable ties can allow you to bind several cables together and keep them organized, out of the way, and minimizing tripping hazards and injuries.
Stainless steel washers work in tandem with other fasteners like threaded screws. While these washers are not always necessary, they will help to distribute the load an industrial screw might be bearing. In other cases, you can use a washer as a spacer between two objects or as a unit that takes the wear and tear away from more important components.
Industrial strength screws and bolts can join and hold two or more pieces of wood, metal, or similar building materials.

How do coatings or platings affect the fasteners you use?
Many of these connecting bolts, nuts and other parts are coated with certain materials. These coatings have an effect on the surface of the connectors. In most cases, the coating on a particular connecting device will increase its overall smoothness. This means that there is less friction or roughness when you screw in or fasten a bolt into one or more surfaces.

How do you check connectors for wear?
If parts are older or have been put to extensive use or strain, it is a good idea to inspect them for wear. If you notice anything that may affect the performance of the unit, you should replace it immediately.
Check for any surface rust that may indicate a deeper problem with your bolt or rivet.
Cracks or fractures in any of your connectors indicate a structural problem that could cause it to fail and uncouple the surfaces it holds.
Screws and bolts can become stripped on the outside or on the inner threads.

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