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Collectable sewing baskets and boxes come in a variety of styles from classic vintage and antique designs to more contemporary looks. Whilst some are quite compact and easily transportable others are multi-compartment designs that are as decorative as they are practical.

Features of sewing baskets and boxes
Cantilever designs feature multi tiered storage compartments. This Victorian style of sewing box opens out horizontally to reveal multiple sections each of which is easily accessible for storing your sewing items. This style is ordinarily found in wooden sewing boxes
Many sewing boxes feature a simple lid and base design. These lids can be wholly removed to make the internal compartments completely accessible. These are typically padded inside with handles for easy carrying and transportation.

Sewing boxes typically come with removable plastic compartments that feature more storage space underneath the lid. Additionally, these storage compartments are usually divided into multiple areas to store separate pieces of sewing equipment such as thimbles, reels and different coloured threads.
Wicker baskets have simple and beautiful designs. They typically feature a single large compartment to keep all your sewing pieces in one place.
Some sewing boxes contain an inbuilt pin cushion for keeping loose pins together as well as pockets for storing extra items.

Uses for sewing boxes
A sewing box or basket can make an ideal gift as they are practical and come in a range of designs to suit different tastes, such as flowers and birds to patterned designs such as polka dots and simply one and two-toned colours for those more muted looks.
They make beautiful decorative pieces to have around the home. They need not be put away when you have visitors at home as they can add to the overall aesthetic of a room.
Many sewing boxes and baskets are handy to carry and transport, as they are lightweight and compact for most journeys.
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