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For the Lounge
While it can be difficult to get right, home décor can create style and ambience, transforming a house into a home. Decorative touches can come in all forms, bringing a certain look or a certain feel to each room within the house. These decorative touches can include photo frames and decorative mirrors, decorative candles and decorative baskets, decorative clocks and decorative runners. When it comes to making a room appear more comfortable however, decorative cushions and pillows can make all the difference in the world.   Used alongside afghans and throws, decorative cushions and pillows can provide the appearance of warmth in a lounge room, as well as actual warmth when needed. Available in a vast array of colours, materials and styles, decorative cushions and pillows can also help tie the theme of a room together. They can add splashes of accent colour to bring a neutral-themed room to life. They can bring pattern and interest to a couch or chair, drawing the eye to certain key features and furniture. And of course, they can provide comfort. After all, what is a lounge room if not for lounging? From the small to the large, from the plump to the skinny, there is a set of decorative pillows and cushions for almost any lounge room.

For the Bedroom
Another popular spot for decorative cushions and pillows has to be the bedroom. While it may be a look some men don’t quite understand, pillows and cushions on the bed can provide style as well as comfort in the bedroom. Really, what could look more sumptuous and inviting than a deliciously soft bed piled high with pillows?    Decorative cushions and pillows can also come in handy on other items of bedroom furniture as well, such as bedroom chairs and daybeds. Similar to the lounge room, pillows and cushions can help to create a certain look, completing a design with colour or pattern. Interesting in investing some decorative touches? Invest in colour and texture, with gorgeous materials such as linen blend, 100% cotton, canvas and faux silk. It’s easy to get the look at Ande!

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