Privacy Policy
Our privacy principles and their implications
Be transparent about the information we collect
We want our users to know what information Ande collects and the value they get in return.
We aim to explain to our users the information we collect from them and what we intend to do with it. If we use techniques that collect information without your direct input, we will let our customers and users know and give them the option to limit this collection.
Allow users to easily access and update their own data
Having accurate information about our users helps create a fluid customer experience.
We will provide mechanisms for our users to access information related to their accounts and other interactions with Ande. We want our customers and users to be able to easily correct this information if it is wrong or out of date.
Be the guardian of user data and user privacy
Users trust us with their personal information and expect us to protect and use it properly.
We implement information privacy and information security programs that employ leading practices to manage personal data from collection to destruction.
Be responsible for our privacy commitments
We take our commitment to privacy seriously and hold ourselves to high standards.
Our plan takes into account the legal requirements and our commitment to our customers to provide a trusted experience when interacting with Ande.
Provide users with meaningful privacy choices
We know it's important to control personal information.
We provide users with real and realistic choices about what information they share with us and how to use it, as well as visibility into those choices and how to update them.
Limit the sharing of customer information
We limit the sharing of customer information and let our users know what we can share outside of Ande and how much information we choose to share.
Build and maintain secure products and services
We strive to provide a safe and trusted place for buyers and sellers to interact.
We have a number of programs in place to protect everyone who uses the Ande site. Millions of transactions are made every day, and a few don't go according to plan. We have a complaint and escalation process in place to help resolve problems in a fair and consistent manner.
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