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The most beautiful aspect of a piece of mosaic art is that it is a shining example of the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There’s something incredible about the small pieces that come together to form something greater. Ready to turn tiny things into a big statement? Ande can help you get the ingredients you need to produce mosaic crafts worthy of your home.
Our tremendous range of mosaic tiles opens up seemingly countless avenues for expression, giving you license to mix and match to your heart’s content. Follow more traditional design paths or switch gears and go somewhere totally different with your pattern. With traditional mosaic tiles in classic square shapes or tiles and shards of different sizes and shapes to piece together, you are free to explore your artistic whims as you please, as you won’t be short of quality pieces to add to your work.

While tiles and shards are often considered the most traditional supplies and materials for mosaic art, you can also turn to other geometric constructions to find fresh new angles with which to design. The rounded faces of mosaic pebbles and stones bring a different dimension and introduce extra depth to your work. 
If you aren’t confident in your ability to turn mosaic art and craft materials into cohesive works, you can buy easy-to-use tools, kits and patterns so you can lay your parts and pieces out one by one to make photo frames, plastic bead creations and more. 

Bring all the pieces together to create a unique design or a specific image that suits your space’s style. Check out Ande’s collection of mosaic craft supplies today. 
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