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Incense & Incense Burners

Home fragrances, like scented candles and incense sticks, have provided a much-needed relief to the daily stresses of life for decades. From modern technology like aromatic diffusers to classics like scented candles, you're sure to find the ideal home fragrance here on Ande to help create a Zen ambience in your home.

Aromatic diffusers
Aromatic reed diffusers are increasing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. For one, they are completely flameless. This makes them safe around kids and pets. Secondly, they are incredibly easy to use, requiring only a few drops of water and a few drops of aromatic oil to create a calming scent throughout your abode.
With a vast selection of diffusers on Ande, there are plenty of fragrances to choose from. From natural scents to the sweet aroma of marshmallow, give your house a brand-new vibe. You will really smell the difference with an aromatic diffuser.

Scented candles and incense sticks
Of course, you can't beat the classics. When it comes to creating a soothing aroma, scented candles and incense sticks have been a staple for decades. Discover several vegan-friendly soya blends to fill your house with the scent of joy. It's amazing what the scent of a candle can do. Or go for that classic boho vibe with incense sticks, a truly timeless classic.

Air fresheners for your car
Keep your car smelling fresh with a stylish air freshener, available in funky designs to suit everyone. Go for a classic with a green pine tree scent, or opt for a vent diffuser to spread a pleasant smell throughout your car.

If you are a sci-fi fan then check out Rick and Morty themed air fresheners. If you're more of a hip-hop-head, discover novelty air fresheners featuring Tupac, Drake, J. Cole, and The Weeknd.
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