Patio furniture provides more than just a place to eat or relax outside—it’s also an extension of your indoor living space. The best outdoor furniture for your patio is comfortable and durable, beautifying your exterior space. With our selection of outdoor patio furniture, we can help you create an outdoor experience that you and your family can enjoy for years. 

Create Your Own Patio Collection 
With hundreds of options to customize your outdoor furniture, get crafty with your patio design and make it your own. 
For a more rustic or farmhouse outdoor look, choose a distressed wooden patio table with a bench. Add splashes of color to any theme with vibrant outdoor pillows, cushions or outdoor poufs. For a modern yet minimalist feel, blend the clean lines and neutral accents of metal outdoor lounge chairs with some of your current pieces or accessories. 
Whether you have a large lawn or compact backyard area, space does not have to hinder your patio upgrade. We make it easy and take the guesswork out of saving space with our large range of outdoor furniture sets. Consider soft outdoor lighting like string lights or outdoor torches to create a welcoming atmosphere. Outdoor rocking chairs, porch swings, outdoor chaise lounge chairs and hikes that lead to propping up a camping hammock, make for great outdoor furniture accessories. 
If you have a more expansive deck, try an outdoor sectional on one end with picnic tables on the other for kids and teens to have their own special place in the yard. You could also divide your lawn into a cozy nook complete with a firepit in one area and a comfy conversation set in another corner.  

Long-Lasting Patio Furniture 
Patio furniture sets created with aluminum, all-weather wicker, teak or resin are built to withstand outside elements and easy to care for. In a rainy region, resin furniture holds up well and comes in multiple designs to match any style. Wrought iron is also a material that can withstand a hot, humid climate with minimal upkeep. 
Look for patio chairs and sofas with outdoor cushions made from fade- and mildew-resistant fabric. Patio umbrellas provide plenty of shade on those hot, sunny days and for areas with chilly nights, adding outdoor heaters to your seating area will maximize its use. When it’s time to store items during off-season and shield them from harsh weather, use patio furniture covers to keep your outdoor furniture long-lasting. 

Patio Design Ideas & Inspiration 
Start enjoying your outdoor furniture with patio products like hanging chairs. Similar to hammocks, this family favorite is easy to setup and provides the ultimate outdoor relaxation. Adirondack chairs have classic style and offer comfortable seating to admire your beautiful backyard or city view.  
With free delivery on all online patio outdoor furniture, get inspired by our Patio Design Ideas guide, designed for every space and budget to get inspired. 

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