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Paint by numbers kits provide everything you need to start painting. It's is a terrific way to create art for new artists who are just learning or those who have been painting for many years. Templates included in kits come with various types of pictures to choose from like horses, Disney characters, and many others.

What is a paint by numbers kit?
A paint by numbers kit contains a template with a picture on it. The picture contains numbers inside an area to paint with a certain color. The numbers on the template match numbers on the paint container. The kit comes complete with the template, paints, and brushes. You can choose from watercolors, oils, and acrylics.

What boards are offered in a kit?
Paint by numbers kits include cardboard or stretched canvases to paint on. They are easy to use, providing a sturdy and smooth surface on which to paint. The canvas can also be hung on a wall without a frame.

What can you paint with a paint by numbers kit?
Paint by numbers kits come with a wide array of templates. Some images offered include animals, scenery, landscapes, people, brands, characters, and designs as well as masterpieces from famous artists.

What skill levels can use paint by numbers kits?
Paint by numbers kits are available in various levels of difficulty. Some kits come with a skill level recommendation of novice, intermediate, expert. A good way of finding out how challenging a kit is would be to look at the board’s image. Smaller areas to paint often indicate the detail and skill required to complete the painting.

Does it take long for the kit paintings to dry?
There are many factors that can affect drying time. Watercolor can take up to a few minutes to a day. Acrylics dry times vary from about 15 minutes to a week. Oils can take much more time to dry. It is not unusual for an oil painting to take months to fully dry. Environmental factors can play a big role in dry times. The temperature of the room can affect dry times as can the thickness of the paint used. Some people use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

What kind of brushes are included in a kit?
The type of brushes provided in the kits depends on the paint used, such as acrylics and watercolors. Each kit contains all the brushes you need to complete the image.

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