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Add style and comfort to your home with new furniture from Ande. The right furnishings can provide the perfect setting for life’s special moments. The dining room table makes dinnertime conversations possible. A comfortable living room sofa makes family movie night so much cozier. And kids’ bedroom furniture is the backdrop to countless goodnight stories. From the entryway to the master bedroom, the right home furniture will help you make lasting memories. 

For a more cohesive look room-to-room, choose interior furniture in complementary styles for every space in your home. Love the rustic, farmhouse look? Consider furniture sets with a distressed finish. Go modern with sleek or mirrored pieces or achieve an eclectic style by mixing and matching different furniture styles. Our online furniture selection makes it easy to find beautiful, functional pieces. 
No matter what room you’re shopping for, The Ande delivers. Just say when, where, and how. Free and easy returns are conveniently accepted at any store.

Working from home? Make your space work for you, with carefully curated home office furniture. Get more work done with a sturdy and stylish desk. Whether you need a compact computer desk or a bold, L-shaped executive desk, we’ve got you covered. Consider the extras and essentials you’ll need, like a keyboard tray, shelves and drawers to keep things tidy and organized. Choose a bookshelf or some stylish filing cabinets in a material similar to the desk for a complete look. 

Make your downtime more enjoyable with plush, comfortable living room furniture. A large sofa and reclining chairs offer plenty of seating for the whole family. Have more space? Go big with a spacious sectional. Add a coffee table and entertainment center to store games, movies, and books out of sight. Shop our selection of TV stands, storage ottomans, and accent tables to complete the look. 

Whether you have a designated room for an office or you use a small desk in the kitchen, your home office furniture should be comfortable and attractive. Here’s how to choose chairs, desks and storage solutions that will help you stay organized. 

Choosing Practical Home Office Furniture 
Keep comfort and functionality top of mind when you select home office pieces. 
• Office Chairs. Look for a home office chair that gives you ample back support and fits your body. Your chair should adjust to the height of your desk while allowing you to keep your feet flat on the floor. Position your chair so you can sit at arm’s length from your computer with your eyes level with the top of the screen. Remember to get an office chair mat. Not only do they protect the floor, but they allow your chair to move freely.
• Home Office Desks. Choose one with enough surface area to work comfortably. If you need to store files or other supplies, look for desks that offer plenty of storage, like a hutch desk. Go for a minimalist computer desk if you need a distraction-free space. To promote better circulation, opt for a standing desk. If you don’t want to be on your feet for the entire day, an adjustable model lets you sit or stand as you please.
• Filing Cabinets and Bookcases. Keep clutter at bay and stash supplies and paperwork in drawers and cabinets. A clear desk surface can help you be more productive, while adequate storage for files and books keeps those items conveniently within reach.

Designing Your Home Office 
Even if you don’t have a designated room as an office, you can transform a corner of a room into a home office solution. Choose pieces that fit well in the room, like a corner desk, so they don’t overwhelm the space. 
To blend new pieces in with existing decor, go with classic wood finishes or colors that match the walls or trim work. For an all-white room, add a pop of color with a red desk and accessories. Use an open bookcase to display inspirational art, photos or houseplants in addition to your office supplies. Decorative baskets and trays will help you stay organized while adding stylish accents to your workspace.

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