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Cleaning supplies and cleaning tools are absolutely essential when it comes to keeping your household in order and running smoothly. 
From bleach, disinfecting wipes, and paper towels to toilet paper and trash cans, Ande has the household essentials and cleaning products you need to keep your space nice and tidy. 

Cleaning frees up space so you can get more things done. Cluttered spaces can also add to everyday stress, which makes cleaning even more important. It’s a lot easier to start a new project, cook dinner or get other work done after you’ve cleaned your home. We have the cleaning tools, cleaning supplies, and all-purpose cleaners you need to make it happen.  We also carry a wide assortment of hand sanitizers and hand soaps to keep your family feeling fresh and clean.  Whether you're cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom, make sure you have proper ventilation when using your cleaning tools and cleaning products. Open windows or use overhead fans to keep air circulating. If neither is available, set up a fan to push fumes out while working. Versatile all-purpose cleaners and glass cleaners will come in handy in both kitchens and bathrooms while other, more specialized solutions, such as toilet bowl cleaners, are utilized for specific tasks in one room or the other. Keep in mind that some cleaning products may have adverse effects on certain surfaces, so it's important to closely read the directions to ensure a given solution is safe for use in the area you are cleaning. All-purpose cleaners are the cleaning equivalent of duct tape. They come in handy in virtually every kitchen and bathroom and are indispensable for light and general cleaning tasks. They're also safe for use on most surfaces. 

Janitorial Supplies, Recycling & More 
In addition to household cleaning supplies, we have cleaning products and cleaning tools for professional cleaners and office managers. Check out our selection of janitorial supplies for your office, school or business needs.
You can also improve your recycling efforts with our trash and recycling products. Separate your waste into multiple trash cans and trash bags for maximum recycling, including step-on trash cans.
Look no further than Ande for all your cleaning supplies and tools.     
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