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Clothes hangers are one of those essentials that you never seem to have enough of. Luckily, here you'll find a huge selection of clothes hangers here on Ande, so you'll never have that problem again. From the basic plastic to luxurious velvet, there's every type of hanger for all different types of clothing.

Plastic, wire and wooden clothes hangers
There's a massive choice of plastic, wire and wooden clothes hangers available. If you're looking for a basic hanger, a simple wire one does a great job. Plastic hangers are sturdier and are good for hanging heavier clothes, like jeans. If you're hanging clothes that need a bit of structure, wooden clothes hangers are ideal as they will keep your clothes in perfect shape. These also make perfect coat hangers for bulky winter clothing.

Special clothes hangers
If you like being different, or want some luxury in your closet, perhaps try a velvet clothes hanger. The surface of the velvet is anti-slip, meaning you can hang up delicate or strappy clothes and not worry about them sliding off. Choose black for a modern look that'll go with any room. Or choose a brighter shade such as pink, green or purple to add a pop of colour to your bedroom.

Features to look out for
Clothes hangers with extras make life easier, especially when it comes to hanging silky or satin clothes. Look out for hooks that you can attach straps too, which will stop the garment sliding off the hanger. Clips are useful when it comes to hanging skirts and pants. You can also find hangers with rotating hooks, making it easy to access your clothes. A hanger with a bar across is ideal for hanging a suit, as it provides a way to store a suit on a single hanger.

Different types of hanger
If you have a lot of accessories you can buy a special hanger for scarves, with small holes to thread the scarf through. Or get a special hanger for drying clothes and make laundry a breeze. Placed inside or out, your clothes will dry perfectly.

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