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A bedding set makes it easy to outfit your bed in style. Each “bed in a bag” comes with sheets, pillowcases and a coordinating comforter. Choose any size, from twin to king comforter sets. Some bedding ensembles also include bed skirts, pillow shams and decorative throw pillows for a complete look. 

Choose Your Style 
Select a color or pattern for your comforter set that expresses your personal style. For a kid’s room or a beach-house guest room, choose one in pastel colors. For a room with traditional decor, solids or simple geometric patterns work best. Match your comforter to the other accents in your room, like curtains, area rugs and artwork. For more direction, consider the following options: 
Solids: For a versatile and simple look, choose solid colors for your bedding. Crisp white bedding sets are fresh and inviting but are best for homes without small children or pets. For a more durable option, choose bedding in darker colors, like a gray bedding set. Mix and match different colors for a subtle contrast. If you already have a patterned bedspread, choose solid colored sheets to keep your bedding from looking too busy.
Patterns: From basic pinstripes to geometric prints, a patterned bedspread adds character and style to your space. For a guest room, a calming light blue bedding set or an elegant floral pattern is welcoming and peaceful. Look for bedding sets that mix and match different patterns for a three-dimensional look.
Texture: Choose a pin-tucked comforter to match your shabby chic style or a ruched bedspread for added dimension. 

The Convenience of All-in-One 
Even if you know the colors and styles you want for your bedspread set, matching different linens can be time-consuming. All-in-one bedroom comforter sets take the guesswork out of designing your bedroom. They also ensure a perfect match. You can always add your own throw pillows and blankets for a custom look.

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