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Candles & Holders

Not all candles come with a holder. For these occasions, you need to have your own set of candle holders and accessories. In addition to providing lighting, candles make wonderful home decor statement pieces. You can choose to light the wick and use it to set ambiance in a room, or you can simply let it sit unlit. Plus, it's a practical way to light up the house in the rare event of a storm causing a power outage.

Back in the day, lanterns were the only way to light a home. Thankfully, that is no longer the case; everyone enjoys having light at the flip of a switch. However, a candle lantern is a beautiful accessory to any room, adding a rustic touch. What's more, candle lanterns make wonderful wedding decorations and are a fun way to add lighting to an outside gathering. Just because it comes with a handle doesn't mean you have to hang it; set it on a shelf, and it looks just as good.

Above the fireplace is the perfect spot to put a candelabra or two. One on each end of the mantle adds a touch of elegance to the room. Place one or two in the centre of your dining room table for some romantic lighting.

Votive Styles
For those that like to keep a candle burning around the home, the votive style is a simple but stylish choice. Moreover, votive candles come infused with fragrance, which makes them perfect for filling the room with a sweet aroma.

Tall and long, short and stubby, every candle needs a place to call home. Candlestick holders highlight the candle itself. The design allows the candle to sit securely on the top, which makes it safe to burn, while also catching stray wax.

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