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【Excellent Space Planner】Loft beds with desk and bookshelf are very popular in children’s bedrooms, dormitories, and other places that need to save space for study or work. As THE practical and beautiful bed, the loft bed is made of a strong wooden frame, which is stable and durable.

【Security and Stability are Priorities】The loft bed with angled ladder makes this bed structure more stable and safe, because it shows a high degree of stability, even if children or individuals get on and off the bed, they can stand firmly on the floor and swing against the wall. Placing by wall can further increase stability.

【Intimate Design---desktop cable outlet】Intimately reserved cable-passing places on the desktop, allowing you to easily place the wires of your computer or desk lamp, and the rotatable design is convenient and beautiful.

【Maintenance Recommendations】Daily cleaning only needs to be wiped gently with a rag. It can be left for a few days to ventilate when delivered,we guarantee that the paint used is environmentally friendly and safe. Also, please do not hang on the roof to play. 90 x 190cm single mattress with a maximum thickness of 15 cm or less is recommended to use.

【Full assembly flexibility】According to usage habits and room layout, detachable ladders can be placed on the left and right sides of the bed, which adds more flexibility and convenience. The kids cabin bed frame will be deilivered in 2 packages and arrive within 1 week, which is guaranteed with 5-year warranty.

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